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Microsoft Exchange Server is a popular mail server and mailing server developed by Microsoft Corporation. It runs entirely on Windows Server operating systems, using the Microsoft Exchange Server administrator portal. It provides the ability to manage and support the email system of a company or organization. The user can create email addresses and assign permissions to the users for creating, reading, deleting, locking, and updating emails. It is a reliable mail server providing fast delivery of mail and has high availability. It allows for easy management of mail folders.

This technology allows users to access mail anywhere, anytime, via a mobile device or web browser. A Microsoft Exchange Server consists of different components, which are extremely helpful in managing and organizing an organization’s business. These include: Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Software, Microsoft Application Manager, Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Oracle. All these services together are capable of providing high availability, scalability, performance, and reliability for any size organizations. In addition, it helps you manage and support multiple types of databases such as, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server Compact.

Microsoft Exchange Server was initially known as Microsoft Accountants Exchange. It was first released in mid-2021 under the name of the Microsoft Exchange Server first Version. It is an email client server used for managing clients’ accounts and correspondence. To help it in performing its tasks more efficiently, Microsoft created a number of add-on modules and applications such as: Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange Server Solution, Microsoft Sharepoint Solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics C, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Oracle Database Server, and Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Exchange Server was first designed to support small-scale companies

with four to eight employees who required high capacity email client interface. Later, after the release of Microsoft Exchange Server 2021, it was enhanced to support the requirements of medium-sized and large-scale companies. With the advancements made in Microsoft SharePoint Software, the features of this server became enhanced as well including deployment, permission control, collaboration, data integration, knowledge base, and business intelligence (BI) tools. Microsoft SharePoint developed by Microsoft is now considering one of the most popular open-source project that was later integrated into the previously designed Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft Exchange Server was first released

in 2021 can be divided into two main categories; single-user and multi-user. Single-user clusters are smaller and contained by a physical server or cluster. On the other hand, multi-user clusters are composed of multiple users and their data is stored on a physical server or in a cloud-hosting service. Microsoft SharePoint Services was the first released as part of the Microsoft Exchange Server family. Microsoft Sharepoint can be divided into three specialized sub-groups namely; business intelligence tools, content management, and web-based e-mail.

The web-based e-mail is a web application that can be accessed through a browser. The most notable feature of Sharepoint is the ability to incorporate and develop documents through the use of a web browser. It is mainly used for e-mail services but can also be used for document management and task management purposes. Web mail is not hosted by Microsoft Exchange Server but rather by an external third party company called e-mail before it is forwarded to Microsoft Exchange Server.

Microsoft Sharepoint Hosting is an e-mail, calendar, and contact-management software that is hosted by Sharepoint, which is a Microsoft corporation. Microsoft Sharepoint is an intranet-based server, web application, e-mail client, and a groupware tool that are used by Microsoft for running applications. There are several versions of Microsoft Sharepoint available such as business edition, home, and student edition, business center, business intelligence (BI) version and storehouse edition. Microsoft Sharepoint e-mails application hosted in the internet is commonly known as MS Exchange. MS Exchange provides you an integrated environment for managing your company’s information, documents and calendars.

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online provides you an integrated environment for managing your company’s information, documents and calendars.
  • MS Exchange Server is the platform that connects you to the world.
  • You can also use Microsoft SharePoint Online to manage the files in your Intranet and Internet Information Center (IEC).
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online is free of charge and you can download it free of charge from Microsoft’s official website.