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VoIP (Voice over IP) allows you to tap phone service via the internet to cut costs. It is an internet-based phone system that works using digital phone lines. This technology means you save on phone costs by converting your analog voice signal into digital data that can be sent over the internet. Some users reported cost savings as high as 70%. In this article I will discuss benefits of VoIP for a small business.

With the recent advances in VoIP technology, business communication suites have improved greatly. Today, hosted voip phones provide an easy way to incorporate an internet connection to conventional phones. These hosted phones allow you to use your existing internet connection to make telephone calls while moving services such as voicemail and calendaring to your internet-based office. You can also use your internet connection to access voicemail, email, and web conferencing. Hosted services often integrate with other systems, such as conferencing, white boarding and advanced conference calling features.

An advantage of VoIP services for small businesses is cost reduction.

Traditional phone systems consume hardware and software to implement features such as call forwarding and voicemail. Hosted phones eliminate the need for additional hardware and software. You simply need an internet connection. Another advantage is that hosted VoIP phone service has better reliability than legacy systems. These systems run efficiently and are designed to accommodate growing business needs.

One disadvantage of a cloud-based business phone system is security. A malicious user can delete or modify the conversations in an instant. Hosted telephony systems are secure by design. The data is encrypted and managed centrally.

Hosted services from a reputable VoIP provider have many advantages.

You can get expert advice from your own network infrastructure. A VoIP provider may also provide technical support round the clock. To safeguard your business communications suite from unauthorized access, you should contract with a reliable and experienced cloud communications provider. Only then can you enjoy all the benefits of a hosted VoIP phone service.

SIP trunking is a feature of hosted PBX solutions. SIP trunks to route calls through the use of digital networks. Hosted pbx systems can contain as many as 40 extensions. A feature called auto discovery makes it easy for the users to find a particular extension. This facility is based on the assumption that the users will know the extension for a particular extension.

A good hosted pbx system should offer the features like auto discovery, auto scheduling, call quality assurance, call waiting, call forwarding, call waiting reception, call return, call transferring, call waiting to reschedule, call transfer, and call routing. With these features, your VoIP network can efficiently route calls through the most appropriate routing protocols. Auto discovery makes it easier for customers to determine which service provider they want to make a call to. Auto scheduling automatically schedules a call to a server when a certain number of minutes have been set as the maximum that callers can be charged for.

One more advantage of using a hosted pbx system is that you can send text messages to any mobile phone number with an SMS gateway application. All this can be done even from a remote location using a laptop, desktop, or a mobile device.

  • To send text messages to a mobile phone, a user needs a computer with an internet connection, a VoIP phone number, and a text-messaging software.
  • The text messages sent through a VoIP phone number are subject to local tariffs and rules. SIP trunks can handle multiple phone numbers at one time.
  • With a hosted VoIP phone service, there is no need to buy additional lines or accessories to connect all your phones.