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Microsoft Outlook is the most popular and widely used contact manager among online users. With a single email account, users can manage multiple contact lists, calendars, contacts, and tasks from one place. Microsoft Outlook allows for efficient organization and management of your work by effectively integrating all your systems, communications, calendars, files, and address books. Microsoft Outlook is built on the powerful Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology. This technology enables users to access their email and calendar from any location with an internet connection. Microsoft Outlook has a number of useful features that can further help you in your day-to-day activities.

Microsoft Outlook comes with an array of tools and features to help you organize your work.

One of the best tools provided by Microsoft Outlook is the Microsoft Outlook Mailbox. With this tool, you can organize your incoming and outgoing emails. Microsoft Outlook Mailbox helps you to manage your email folders as you check your emails from the comforts of your home or office.

Another great Microsoft Outlook feature is Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Auto Manager. This auto manager takes care of managing your incoming and outgoing emails. This tool is very helpful in assigning mailboxes to different categories. You can choose a category according to your role such as electronic mail assistant, online organizer, or scheduling agent etc. The auto manager also takes care of storing, transferring, and scanning your mailboxes on a regular basis.

Microsoft Outlook also offers a set of features including Microsoft Outlook Mailbox Auto Manager.

This feature helps in assigning appropriate mailboxes to various email folders based on organizational roles and schedules. Organizational tasks such as sending and receiving emails are also taken care of with this tool. Outlook Mailbox Auto Manager can be used to set up email folders, delete, or modify email messages and email attachments.

Microsoft Outlook also provides support for Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook Web Services (OWSI). It also provides the Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) and Microsoft Sharepoint services. Microsoft Outlook Express is a web-based email client with features that are similar to those of the web-based email client like multiple email accounts, calendar integration, task management, file sharing, and access to local calendars and contacts. The web-based version also allows you to check your email online, which is not possible with Outlook mobile. On the other hand, the Microsoft Sharepoint services enable users to build web sites, share documents and collaborate with colleagues and groups. There are various third-party tools that allow users to work within this platform.

Microsoft Outlook web services and the MES provide the option to store data and information from Outlook and exchange with external data and applications. It makes it easy for organizations to connect with their clients and customers online. There are various third-party tools that support the MES such as Microsoft Business Portal, Microsoft Intuit eConnect, and Microsoft Business Portal Online. These tools help you to access your email, contacts, and calendar online from any location.

Microsoft Sharepoint hosting provides the platform for the users to create and edit web sites and email accounts and manage the content on these sites. You can use the web site builder to design and develop your web site and then host it on the web through Sharepoint. There are many third-party providers who provide these services to organizations and individuals who need these services.

  • Microsoft Sharepoint is a collaboration and content management solution developed by Microsoft and many companies like Google, PayPal, and Hilton are using it as their integrated platform for managing websites, email, and tasks.
  • This service is offered as a subscription-based service to users and organizations who require these features for managing their websites and emails.
  • The email service and the mailboxes are provided by the Microsoft Sharepoint service provider.
  • The service providers also offer mobile and virtual solutions for managing email.